We'll Find Damage the Naked Eye Can't Detect

We'll Find Damage the Naked Eye Can't Detect

Thermal imaging services in Temecula, CA let you see the whole picture

There are plenty of problems within your home that can't be detected by the eyes alone. That's why IESD Inspections also uses thermal imaging services to do a thorough sweep of your house. With our sophisticated technology, we won't miss any abnormalities in your house.

Thermal imaging helps us see:

  • Leaks in the roof
  • Electrical overloads
  • Moisture in the walls

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Our infrared inspection services detect hidden flaws

When moisture seeps into your walls, it can cause a lot of damage, including mold, rot and deterioration. Unfortunately, you might not even be able to see it until it's too late.

Infrared inspection services can alert you to temperature anomalies and active ceiling stains. By looking at the levels of heat throughout the house, we can figure out where water might be pooling or soaking into the wood frames. Save your house before it's flooded or covered in mold.

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